Feeds for Later

Welcome to Feeds for Later.

This service is currently in an open beta phase. This means that while the service expects to be functioning, no guarantees are made.

What is Feeds for Later?
Feeds for Later is an online service which retrieves items from RSS & Atom feeds & sitemaps and adds all items found to Pocket.
What happens when the beta ends?
Nothing has been decided yet. The intended pricing model is to limit free accounts to ~3 feeds, and have a couple of paid tiers with the highest having a limit well beyond reasonable use. The price points are unlikely to be more than a coffee per month for the highest tier, considerably lower for the lower tier. There's a high likelihood that early adopters will be grandfathered into the subscription service with all their feeds and without any charges.
When will the beta end?
Nothing has been decided yet. It's most likely a question of when I'll make time to set up a payment provider and jump through the necessary hoops that they require. The public beta began in January 2019, and is likely to continue until at least October 2023. Realistically, the service isn't consuming enough resource at the moment to demand this outlay, so the 'end date' is likely to continue being pushed into the future.
Who can use the service?
You, if you have a Pocket account and want to.