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Personal Information

In order to prove their identity, users authenticate via Pocket. Pocket provides us with a user's username (which may be their email address), and a unique token. No other information is collected from Pocket.

While using this service, users opt in to subscribing to RSS & Atom feeds which are either provided by the user, or selected from the publicly shared directory. Such subscription details and feeds marked as private are associated with each user.


This site makes use of Google Analytics for website usage and performance analysis. If you choose to opt out of this tracking, a flag will be set via local storage. Should this flag be removed, you will need to reassert your preference via this page.

Web server access logs are kept for up to 60 days. Session cookies are used to identify users for the duration of their session. No other cookies are in use by this site.


If you have questions about this policy, you may contact us.

Our contact form uses Google reCAPTCHA service to protect against spam.